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Columbus State Day Event Proposal Form


Times: We anticipate classes/workshops falling into 45 minute slots. We would love to end up with 6 different classes/workshops from each participating department; however, some smaller departments may find it easier to come up with a smaller number of quality offerings. We are also looking for some activities or demos for the festival side of the day. Therefore, you will need to submit one of these forms for each proposal/idea. We encourage you to fill out as many proposals as you like, both for classes and festival activities. The Day’s planning committee will be reviewing all proposals and selecting the ones that best fit the Day’s goals.


Locations: The campus will likely be divided into “learning neighborhoods” the day of the event, and we will probably group similar events and activities and assign campus locations. To that end, you do not need to specify a particular location for your event, just what that location needs to have for that event to work properly.

Please note that we want each event to have intellectual weight—we truly want this to be a learning day, and one that shows off the best of Columbus State!

Your Name (Dept. Representative):      
Additional Department/s Involved:      
Workshop, Activity, or Demo Title:      
This is a
Who is the Audience for this Event?
Please provide your preferences; however, we can't guarantee that you will be presenting during the time you select.
Workshop, Activity, or Demo Description:
Please provide a 50-word (or less) description that we can use in the program and on the website.
Additional Information for Your Event:
If you would like to add additional details or information for the committee to consider regarding the Event you are proposing above, please provide it here.
Name of Instructor/s Who Will Be Leading the Event:
How Many People can Your Workshop, Activity, or Demo Accommodate?
(i.e. what is a manageable number of “students” for the instructor to manage?)
What Resources and Materials Will You Need to Present this Workshop, Activity, or Class?
(e.g. handouts, PowerPoint projector, video projector, classroom, lab, cooking classroom, gym space, interactive items, etc.)