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Auditorium Request

(All requests to reserve Nestor Hall Auditorium are directed to Central Scheduling, 287-2537) FOOD AND BEVERAGES ARE PROHIBITED IN THE AUDITORIUM Please complete parts 1 - 4 before request can be processed. To request additional rooms for this event please complete the General Purpose online room request.
1. Separate requests are needed for additional event dates.
Event Date
Open the calendar popup.
Set-up Time      
Event Start Time      
Event End Time      
Breakdown Time      
Expected Group Size      
Internal Contact Person      
Phone Number      
Event Title      
Event Description    
For co-sponsored events please list all departments and organizations involved:      
(CSCC group must be the primary sponsor, actively participate in the planning of the event, and be present during the event)
Co-sponsorship approved by:      
(must be the CSCC department you work for)
2. Set-up Needs:
Number of CHAIRS requested for LOBBY      
(0 - 10)
Number of TABLES requested for LOBBY      
(0 - 20)
Number of CHAIRS requested for STAGE      
(0 - 18)
Number of TABLES requested for STAGE      
(0 - 6)
3. Equipment Needs
Will A/V equipment be needed?    
If yes, please contact the Nestor Hall Auditorium Media Services Supervisor at 287-5243
In submitting this form user agrees to accept responsibility for any damage incurred while using the room and equipment. In the event of a meeting cancellation, please notify Central Scheduling at 287-2537 three (3) days prior the scheduled event date.
Form submitted by      
Email address      
Contact Information for Campus Services: Public Safety: 287-2525 Physical Plant: 287-2424 (on weekends contact Public Safety for setup needs) Aramark Catering at CSCC: 287-5447